Our Spaces

If you arrive with your caravan, there are a total of 88 spaces available, some of which are separated from the others by stripes of dune, and which are sub-divided into camper-van, middle- and large-sized areas. And don’t worry, the generous space available means that there is always more than enough space to fold out the marquee. There is a total of 21 spaces for mobile homes, and there is even enough space for an awning and for the car to stay hitched to the mobile home. Some of the spaces available are up to 170 m2, making them above average in size. You can choose between a quieter area at the end of the holiday park and one closer to the playground. Power and water connections for caravans and mobile homes are conveniently located at all spaces.
If you are a fan of camping in a tent, you can book a space on our green camping area directly at our reception when you arrive. You can park your car free-of-charge in our separate car park. If you require power, you can avail of our electricity flat-rate fee, but please remember, you will need to bring your own CEE adapter and 50-metre-long power cable. There are comfortable benches and tables directly at the green camping area and in the playground area, where you can enjoy a cosy picnic. You see, everything is taken care of. We also have a bicycle rental, KostNix Cars (car rental) and a shuttlebus service on offer for you.