Our Ferienpark

You can greet the rising sun very early in the morning on Scharbeutz beach. Small waves splash gently on the shoreline, joggers say hello with the typical short, but chirpy, North German “Moin” and all you have to do on this beautiful morning is to enjoy the nearly empty beach. A refreshing dip in the waters of the Baltic Sea will quickly wash away any left-over tiredness and get you ready to enjoy your day. Just a few short steps along Strandallee and you are already back in the holiday park and ready to begin your day with a tasty breakfast and a fresh cup of coffee. You can check out all the activities that we have on offer on the coast by going to www.luebecker-bucht-ostsee.de as example.

We offer the best holiday fun for all ages all year round. 40 cosy holiday homes are waiting for our guests. These modern holiday homes offer all the comforts that you are familiar with from home and are nestled in a maritime sand dune landscape, with marram grass and wooden walkways. The fine sand is literally directly on your door step. So, first things first, take a seat in a traditional wicker beach chair and just relax. Adjacent to the houses there are 88 spaces that are divided between space accommodating caravans and camper vans, 21 spaces for mobile homes, as well as an open grass area for camping. We have all the amenities you could need on offer, from a corner shop, a guest lounge, modern lidos (public bathing beaches) and a fantastic playground for the kids. And all the while, you will be caressed by the fresh sea breeze.

The choice is yours, you can make your reservation at any time irrespective of the opening times. There are three different-sized modern holiday homes for you to choose from. The holiday home “Welle” is suitable for one to two persons, “Strand” and “Pier 98” for groups of up to five people.

If you are a fan of camping in a tent, you can book a space on our green camping area directly at our reception when you arrive.

Bicycle Rental, KostNix Cars (car rental) and shuttle services complete our offer for you.

Your first exploratory stroll may take you to the Scharbeutzer Seebrücke (Scharbeutz Pier). From there you have fantastic view out over the entire bay, the coastal towns and villages, as well as the colourful goings-on on the beach. Just a 10-minute walk from the holiday park are a number of small and cosy restaurants and cafés such as Gosch or Café Wichtig, for example. For those who would like to do some shopping, there is also a great selection of fashion, accessory and furnishing stores in the area. Thanks to the health-resort regulations, many of the stores are also open on Sundays, so that you can relax and shop whenever you want while on holiday. When you have enough of shopping, you could enjoy a round of golf on our links course and treat yourself to some delicious ice-cream. There are beautiful cycling routes right along the coast and in the hinterland for you to discover which will give you great opportunities to get to know the hilly landscape and numerous romantic inland lakes that are typical for the region. We are open all year round. In autumn and winter things are a bit quieter, and our guests can get to know the more rugged side of the Baltic Sea. And that in itself is always a special experience. But there is always loads to do with us here on the coast!

Our Sanitary Facilities

No “dressing-room” showers, no long “army-barracks” washrooms. Our sanitary facilities are designed for families and their requirements. In our bathrooms, you will find a shower, toilet and a wash basin, everything that you know from home. No separation between men and women, our sanitary facilities are instead large enough for the entire family.